vision lift

There are many reasons why you should consider renovating the lift in your building.
Safety is the first of these. The continual advances in technology and changes in legislation have meant that the lift industry has evolved considerably and quickly in this respect. Minimize the risks to passengers.
Another significant aspect is accessibility. Access too many existing lifts is restricted for disabled people, children’s pushchairs, etc... Resulting in a clear social disadvantage. Guaranteeing operating reliability will offer these groups an improved service.
The expanded functionalities such as signs, lighting, communication with the exterior, etc...Linked to a minimization of noise are examples of how to improve lifting comfort and consequently the quality of life for users of the building.
Improved aesthetics make your building look better and increase its value.
Modernizations may also include improving the energy-efficiency of the lift with the resultant savings in your electricity bill, as well as helping to protect our environment.
Our lift modernization services keep our customers’ equipment up-to-date using all the latest technologies and meeting all the current standards, without the need for total replacement. This is particularly useful in difficult sites where removal would be challenging and add further costs. Modernized equipment usually results in reduced running costs too.

An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety. In fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to the design or layout of the existing installation. Instead, you can have a lift modernized whereby obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent. A lift modernization would normally be a larger job than a lift refurbishment, and would involve us carrying out a detailed survey of your lift in order that we can put forward our recommendations in the form of a detailed specification. We build bespoke lift solutions to meet client's individual specifications, using the very latest ecological technologies, wherever possible and meeting all the latest lift standards and regulations.

Escalator and moving walkway modernization

We can bring your escalator and moving walkways up to the latest industry standards (BS EN115), adding the additional safety switches, anti-slip coating, guarding and monitoring systems required to fulfill the harmonized requirements - ultimately improving safety and giving you renewed confidence in your equipment.
Agreeing a schedule of work
Our engineers are acutely aware of how much lift equipment is relied on every day. They know downtime presents problems and needs careful management. That’s why we agree a mutually beneficial schedule of work. This ensures there is always means of access in the building. If there is only one lift then we can, and often do, supply a temporary lift solution while work is carried out.