Wheel Chair Platform Lifts

vision lift

Whatever your access requirements, we've got a solution to fit
Our platform lifts are designed, manufactured and installed to supply you with the ideal product for your needs. We have a broad range of platform lift products to suit every requirement and application, from low pit lifts ideal for schools to our best-selling Midilift range suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. All our platform lifts help you to comply with the Equality Act, and meet the latest industry standards for manufacture and installation. Plus every vision platform lift is supported by local service and maintenance from our own engineers, nationwide.
Platform lifts are best suited to smaller passenger numbers travelling shorter distances. Due to the slower speed they are designed to provide vertical movement between floors in a low rise building (typically two to four floors). These access lifts can range in size from one person/wheelchair user to up to five people. There are many variants within the platform lift family, including:

  • Open platform lifts
  • Enclosed (or cabin) platform lifts
  • Low pit lifts (sometimes called low speed lifts)
  • Wheelchair platform stairlifts

Platform lifts typically don't travel more than 2m (unless a liftway enclosure has been built). Their speed is also limited to 0.15m/s so travel between floors averages around 22 seconds.
Platform lifts can be used indoors or out and can also be designed for use in vertical and inclined spaces - even curved staircases. They do not need a deep pit to be dug compared to passenger lift. The floor of the lift is raised and lowered from below by a hydraulic or traction system. In situations were space is tight a platform lift can be a good solution - requiring a much smaller footprint than a traditional passenger lift.
These lifts are best for low rise buildings where most people will use the stairs, existing buildings where it is not possible and/or cost prohibitive to install a passenger lift or buildings where there is a disabled access problem