Goods Elevators

vision lift

Traction type with counterweight
This elevator is a better machine both in terms or design and consumer safety. This is achieved first through the use of 3 or more independent wire ropes stretched across the main traction sheave. Since, there is no positive coupling between the elevator and the machine; it leads to greater safety as a slip is permitted whenever there is an obstruction to the elevator travel. Unlike in the drum wound design there is no overload on the motor in case of the elevator overshooting at the top floor. Jerk free, smooth travel is possible by the usage of 2:1 roping. Though smoother, traction elevators travel at higher speeds than drum-wound elevators using the same power.

The perfect solution for when a goods lift is too large and a service lift is too small for your requirements.
Every product in the vision Trolley Lifts Range is able to transport a variety of goods between floors and can be powered by a three phase electric motor. Usually hand controlled, each lift also comes within its own self-supporting structure and can be Clad to your specification for an aesthetically pleasing effect. The nature of the structure also means that there are no load-bearing shaft requirements or need for heavy machinery – enabling the quick and efficient installation of your lift in situ.